I talk otherwise


Production's Note


The making of the movie lasted 7 years, from 2007 to 2014: 4 years of pre-production, shooting and site visits, across 8 countries and including 9 languages.
In that period 9000 km were crossed, 400 hours of material shot and 50 hours of footage collected. The post-production was a linguistic research which lasted 3 years and included editing, compositing, translations, sound design, and music.
The initial development phase (authorial research, documentation gathering and on-the-spot investigation) has allowed us to create an extensive network of partners (international organizations, public institutions, companies and private citizens) who have contributed to the
production of the movie and are supporting its dissemination.




InClouds is a young audiovisual and multimedia production company, founded by Cristian Cappucci and Vanessa Zanini. He has developed and produced “I Talk Otherwise”, the first feature film of Cristian Cappucci, and “InDanube” an anthology transmedia project that includes several European countries.
The expectation has to offer cross realizations, with authentic perspectives and solutions to impact in the new world and way of digital language.

Cristian Cappucci

People talk as if they had always talked the same way

Elias Canetti